Monday, December 8, 2008

The land where u can do almost anything n everything..(1)

RELUCTANTLY.. I came back from Amsterdam, Netherland (used to be called Holland which is the name i prefer).. It was a short 2 days 2 nights stay where I trully enjoyed to the max and burnt my pocket fairly maximum too.. most of the things in Amsterdam are quite affordable but the food is the one that makes you vormit blood..

Just for your info, this is a post where there will be loads of pics.. its so many i took almost 1 hour just to upload the pics... i wonder how long I'm gonna take to finish this post..

Here goes..

We were checked in to the Marriot hotel at the town area after landing and I was feeling really tired after a 13 hours flight.. The room is cosy but its quite small..
The problem with most hotels in Europe is, they dont provide water boiler which I always rely on.. INstead of providing some practical stuff, they provide this:
Right on top of the table in front of the bed!!! Tempting me day and night!!!! But the price is not so friendly.. (if only its in RM)
This is the first time I encounter a real fire place with real fire burning in the lobby area of a hotel!!! hahahaha...I know I sound super Kampung.. Pardon me..
At noon, some of us decided to check out the area and hunt for food..
This is the legendary place where alot of crews lose their money when they 'visit' it.. Casino..
Hungry and not so familiar with that area, we decided to go into Hard rock restaurant which is the first restaurant we saw.. We were warmly greeted by the servers there and this grand motorbike..
TJ the humourous nicest waiter in the whole Amsterdam..
Group pic before the food arrives..
Gigantic BUrger...
Not so bad pasta..
Nachos with cheese...
My Favourite of all!!!! Macaroni with cheese and extra cheese toppings!!!!
Ceasar Salad for the health concious..
Then we went and walk around.. I looked like one polar bear right?But no choice la,, the jacket provides the warmth I desperately need...
The Battle of Ang Mohs..
Part of the city.. Tramps everywhere.. quite convenient but I did not have the opportunity to ride on it...
Me again with the streets of Amsterdam..
More convenient than 7-eleven.. everything Machine operated.. just slot in coins, press the button and you will get the food you need...
Always remeber to watch out for the tramps.. look at how close contact a tramp can be to the street walkers..
Bicycles parked everywhere in the city!!! So environmentally-friendly.. I like!
60% of Holland is under sea level.. Therefore, they have to build loads of Kennels to make sure the country is not flooded.. Beautifully built..
The tai-koh among us.. William with polar bear of the trip..
Because it was winter, the flowers are not so in a healthy condition.. all not opened yet.. dissapointed..
Dont ask me, I also not so sure what on earth are those..
Beautiful roses with quite an affordable price..
Outdoor ice-skating park..
One of the buildings at night.. abit gothic look..
Then as the night approaches, we went to this restaurant called Castell for their famous Pork Rib..
The girls..

Sorry guys, these are the only pics I have for the yummy food.. Too engrossed in it that I forgot to take the picture of the best item of the night.. the Pork Rib.. I miss it man..
The interesting part about Castell is that it is not like normal restaurants where we eat on tables but they serve the food on our thighs.. Its quite unique in a way but can be quite inconvenient.. ITs a nice place to hang out with your friends though.. cosy and warm..
Thats it for the first day.. more pics for the second day which I will update very soon.. (1 month
Why i call this post 'The land where u can do almost anything n everything' is because, Holland has a legalised Red light district and they have shops selling drugs! It was really an eye opener.. but i never tried la.. you can do almost anything and everything there.. except for Murder..
P/s: I wanna go holiday in Bangkok next year!!! Anyone interested?

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