Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Yet-again resurrection of PamPamSoo

It's been (another)awhile since i last updated my blog.. I've once again resurrected my blog and i'm determined to keep it alive! Since now i'm living in Shanghai with my hubby, and most of the people i care and love are back in Malaysia or NOT in Shanghai, this is a great way to communicate to all of u who actually bothers to read about my life.

Since August 2010 to now, June 2011, ALOT has happened in my life. I quit my flying career with SIA, moved back to Malaysia and started planning for my wedding which happened on 25th Dec 2010. Here are some of the pictures that i really love (u might see them in my fb, but i can't help to repost these pictures that meant so much to me), and thanks to Ck San Photography who really did a wonderful job following us the whole day and capturing these precious moments!

In the morning with my family, waiting for the groom aka my hubby to arrive..

My 'sisters' with me waiting for the 'brothers and groom' to arrive...
The moment that melts my heart...

A christmas wedding..

My 2 awesome good friends that helped me through thick and thin... thanks canna and ivy! i love u both!

Newly added member to the family...

The 'brothers' and 'sisters'.. love the reaction of my friend Carriene in the picture...

Us with my dad's side of family...

Us with my mum's side of family... Really appreciate everyone that came to bless us and excited for us..

One of my favourite pictures after we have finished the morning tea ceromony..

During the wedding ceromony.. went in my dad.. it was a torn feeling.. Happy that i'm getting married to the man i love, sad that daddy has to give me away...

Out with my hubby.. after Pastor pronounced us as Husband and wife!

Us with the bridal party.. the girls look amazing.. custom made the dresses and not expensive at all!

Us with my college mates that came from Pj and kl area.. (Dont say i never put your picture..)

Us with my ladies...The friendships that I cherished...

A big thank you to you guys! oh, the baby is my godson!

My lovely brides maid... *hugz*

Happy family!!!! my sisters looked stunning!

My new family... my in-laws.... =)

I never really like Va-va-voom gowns, but I love this one! partly because its purple... XP

There are so many more pictures that i can't stop looking at but unfortunately, unable to post all of them up because its quite a pain to post pictures on blogspot especially when u are in CHINA (china banned blogspot as well! so we have to use VPN to access)..
After the best day of my life (so far), I have to start preparing to move up to shanghai to join my husband. It was a bitter sweet time as I have to leave my comfort zone and the people i love for the man i love to disembark on a different kind of life! Shanghai wasn't the city that I ever thought of living, nor starting a newly-married life. But so far, i'm glad I came!

This picture was taken in my parents' house before I leave for Shanghai.. =(

My sisters and my ex-bridesmaid in the airport waiting to SHOO me away..

I cried for like half an hour after I say goodbye to everyone in the airport.. Thank god i wasn't alone and hubby was right beside me. The flight was very uncomfortable as the aircraft is really small and it was a full flight.. (we will not wanna take southern china airline again!)

Starting a new life on a foreign land was quite a challenge for both of us. We have to adjust to one another's different living habits and also the 4 seasons in Shanghai which we never had back in Malaysia/ Singapore. There were ups and downs but we managed to go through it hand-in-hand. Marriage wasn't as scarry as what some people had told me. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is a life-long learning experience.

Hubby and I while walking on the streets of Shanghai during the after winter days.. Not so much of Spring yet... (i look CACAT in this picture!)

p/s: More entries to come, promise! XP


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