Saturday, June 11, 2011

POPCORN makes me happy!

Found this in a supermarket near my house.. Microwave popcorn.. Always see people popping corns with microwave in dramas, never really get to try it myself. Was very excited when i saw this.. They have loads of flavours, including the original butter flavour.. Got the chocolate flavour instead..

Its a very small packet...

Remove the inside packet from the packaging, and throw it into the microwave for 3 mins or less.. and then it expanded!

VOILA... popcorns at home!!!!! =D and its really tasty!

Hubby and I finished it in less than 20 mins...will get more to stock up at home!!!

p/s: Shanghai is fun.. as long u open your eyes to explore it and open your heart to accept it.. but, staying far away from your loved ones is not easy..Missed my grandma's birthday and though i know she wont be reading this... Happy Birthday Granny... sorry that i can't make it to your birthday again... =( the downside of living overseas....

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