Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home cook dinner 05.06.2011

I'm gonna add a new label for my blog!! My cooking diary. Its meant to record down my cooking experience and see my progress as the time passes. I love cooking, but hates cleaning! Especially our new house here has a very small kitchen.. which kindda frustrates me sometimes. The landlord only provided on electronic stove for us and I always prefer to have at least 2 stoves. Cooking with electronic stove was (and still is) quite a challenge for me as I'm so used to fire stove. The feel is very different.

Anyway, i love pasta. I love to cook pasta and i love to eat pasta. Pasta is an easy dish to prepare and u can hardly go wrong. Unlike Chinese dishes that requires alot preparations and fast cooking..Pasta (in my opinion) is much simpler and faster.

Dish for the night: Pamela's Pretty Bow Pasta

I love Farfalle pasta.. they are so pretty and it kindda looks like butterflies..
After 10 mins..

farfalle pasta with pork meat pasta sauce + oregano leaves = Pamela's Pretty Bow Pasta..

I AM NOT A PREFESSIONAL CHEF.. so whatever that's written here is just my personal opinion and experience, and for personal improvement.. Thank you for reading! =) BON APPETITE!

p/s: Fried rice with fried honey chicken tonight.. (first attempt to fry chicken, nervous!) Hope it turns out well!

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