Monday, June 22, 2009

funny facts..

Although my homesick desease is still very very serious after staying in singapore for almost 1 year now.. i can't help but to thank god on the opportunities i have to travel around the world and to see different culture.. Its pretty much a culture shock most of the time but i list them as fun facts around the world for now:

-In Dubai, female sits at the front portion of the bus and males have to sit at the back portion of the bus. If you are a couple, u have to be seperated throughout the bus journey. Unless you are married (and carries your marriage certificate with u), husband can stand beside wife while she sits. Male and female sitting together is a big NO NO... When the bus has no females at all, male can occupy the front portion of the bus. But, once theres a female on board, the males have to move your ass..

-In USA, after you have finished the mouth-watering fattening-ass meal, you ask for the bill. At the bottom of the bill, there will be a tipping guide where they will 'politely' ask for tips which 5% of your total bill is the most basic you 'should' give. Most common, 5%, 8% and 10%. I dont know what is the consequences of not tipping but its definitely a 'must do' culture in USA.

-In EGYPT.. unlike USA, they do not have tipping guide.. But they are more daring! Whatever service you hire that involves a local, at the end of the day, the local will not leave u alone unless you tip that person. If the local thinks that tip you gave is too low, that local will have no problem telling you that, he/she wants more.. So, if you want to sight see in Egypt, prepare to spend a fortune just to tip the locals.

-In Holland, prostitution and drugs are LEGAL! When you walk on the streets of the famous 'Red District', there will be pretty babes winking at you behind the windows of the 'shops'.. Even during winter season, they will be wearing only sexy lingerie and flirting with their eyes to the passer-bys.. There are cafes selling weed coffees 24-7 and they sell weed seeds and sex toys in souvenior shops..

ok, thats all for the moment as I'm abit bored facing the computer for almost 3 hours in the hotel room, stuck in Johannesburg.. I'm 6 hours behind Malaysia and singapore and I just can't wait to go home.. Its tiring but its all worth it..

Till the next funny facts.. adios!

P/s: PSP or nintendo ds lite? OR should I get a digital camera 1st as I can't find my missing PENTAX digital camera after almost 2 months already...

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