Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finally the blogger in me kicks in...

Its been a long time since I last updated my poor ignored-by-me blog.. I'm really sorry.. I've been caught up by alot of unexpected things and of course the lazy bug.. I'm now stuck in Dubai for the 4th time since my-only-7-months flying career and alot of my friends thought that I should really consider marrying a super rich middle east man since I travel to middle east so often.. (not forgetting my 3 times Abu Dhabi experiences as well) Sorry guys, my heart is all for one klang guy only.. hahaha...

Anyway, many things have happened since feb (my last update) and the best experience was the opportunity to travel to Egypt (which I'm goin again in 3 days time) last month. Oh, not forgeting my encounter with the sick godess in me after that trip which I fell so ill that I could not walk out of the bed.. Down with fever, food poisoning and also fungus desease on my palms.. talking bout 'good luck'..

It was really an eye opener for me to discover the mysterious Egypt and also to mingle with the locals there.. Egypt is so BROWN.. literally.. most of their buildings are just plain brown in colour and there's basically no sky scrapers or any other kind of colourful buildings. The roads are poorly-maintained and the people there drive like the maniacs on the streets of India. If you have a weak heart, please do not ever consider driving on the streets of these 2 countries..

If you have my facebook account, you will be able to see the pictures I took when I was there.. Due to the really inconvenient way of uploading the pictures on this blog, you wont be able to see any pics here as there were too many pics too upload... SORRY again..

If you think that your own country is really that bad that you just can't wait to migrate to somewhere where the grass is greener, U will change your mind once u step foot into Egypt (or even India).. The people here are struggling to earn a living as there were so much competition in everything they do.. From taxi to the food industry.. Everywhere we go, they just try their best to capture our attention to buy their products or services.. They always expect some tips (in the form of $ka-chings$) from us and if we dont tip according to their expectations, they will not hessitate to demand for more.. U can say they are really 'thick skin' but I really do pity them as the living condition here is really not as comfortable as where I came from and they are just struggling in the dog-eat-dog world..

Egypt is really a nice place to visit at least once in your life time and you will learn that the grass is not always greener on the other side.. Of course, dont miss out the magnificent glorious huge Giza pyramids where till now, still takes my breath away.. Really respect the ancient people for building those pyramids.. *go check out the pics on my facebook*

p/s: I have Johannesburg, Incheon, San Francisco, Shanghai to go next month.. Yeepee!!!!! Can't wait can't wait.. but that means.. I have only 4 days to be in Klang only.. darn..

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