Monday, February 23, 2009

The young and innocent times..

So many things have happened recently that I can't help but to miss my young, naive, innocent and maybe stupid times when I was still a toddler that barely knows how to spell AEROPLANE.. Here are some of the thoughts that used to irritate me so much that now I find myself laughing..

- I used to think traffic lights have this invisible barrier to block cars from moving whenever they turn red.. I just dont understand why all cars stop when the light turns red.. SO powerful?

- I thought cats are female and dogs are male.. they make out and make more cats and dogs..

- I used to thought that Malaysia is the world! The sky seems to end at certain point and if I were to ask papa to drive me till the end of Malaysia, I can touch the bottom of the sky.. Yeepee!

- I wished Santa Claus was real coz papa mama can't afford the toys I wanted so much..

- I always worried that the sun, moon and stars will drop on me one day.. coz.. there's nothing attached to them and they are just floating..

- I always picture heaven to be somewhere super fun.. with loads of sinful food for you to eat and tonnes of toys for u to play..

- I really thought DORAEMON was real at one point! And hoped that he will come out from any drawers in my house and lend me all those cool gadgets..

- I seriously think that POWER RANGERS and ULTRAMAN are real too.. And just dont understand why those monsters only attack this place call USA and Japan only.. why they never appear in malaysia and say hi to me.. coz i really wanna meet Power Rangers..

Ya, those are just some of the stupid naive things I thought way back then.. Laugh la.. laugh!!

p/s: I will be going to ABU DHABI again next month.. this is gonna be my 3rd time man!!! wahaha... maybe i should just find a rich man there to date.. since I go there so often.. and its always 6-8 days stay.. JUST KIDDING!!! I like pure klang meat ok!!!

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