Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CNY gone.. just a blink of an eye..

Yet another sleepless night in Singapore again.. Ever since I step into Singapore, I have no idea how many sleepless nights I had already.. Totally lost count.. From doing my laundry, cook a bowl of noodles to feed my hunger, dancing alone in the living hall like there's no tomorrow, to watching 'Everybody loves Raymond'- Season 1.. until now.. 4.59am.. I still can't sleep.. Darn...

Time really flies.. One moment I was all EMO in San Francisco alone because I wasn't able to celebrate Christmas with my family back in klang like I always do.. Another moment.. 15 days of CNY have ended.. for Hokkien people, it ended on the 9th day.. even shorter..

I managed to 'sneak' back home after my Amsterdam flight during CNY for 3 short days to spend time with my family and friends. I really had a great time and certain things came up much better than what I've expected.. Sorry to most of my friends that I wasn't able to meet during that time.. will make it up to you in my future trips! (IVY, yes, you are one of them!!)

Here are some camwhore pics that me and my best-est Buddies took in my house.. Mind you, i've never been such a poser in my life before.. all for their sake! hahaha.. I treasure these pics so much that I feel I just need to leave them in my blog for memory purpose..

1st pic of the day.. not so good as we were just warming up..
From left: Yong Hong in blue, Hui Fung in orange (she claims to be orang-y pink), Mua in black and white and Sau Kin- My best friend in yellow..

Then we got high.. we did 2nd shot.. then 3rd.. then 4th..

We changed location.. and theme.. Salsa style..

Then we get comfy with the sofa.. And they said my foot spoil the whole pic.. I think its unique!

Then I put my feet on solid ground..

Trying to be serious, imitating some TVB drama featuring loads of superstars..

But still fail.. Hui Fung claims that she looks ugly on pics if she doesn't smile.. So, she insists must smile!! Then we give up...
It was an awesome time we had! Its been a long time since 4 of us actually came out and talk and just do crazy things together!! I've never realise how much I miss them till all of them left my house for respective dinners with family.. Hui Fung, Yong hong, Sau kin, if you guys are reading this, pls do meet up as much as possible with me ya!!!!! Love you guys!!!

p/s: Valentine is coming.. I still hate the fact that this day is so over-commercialised and what's the big deal about it?????????????????? Do you know that flowers and chocolates and dinners actually cost more than twice on that day compared to normal days? ITS RIDICULOUS!!! Couples alert, RECESSION IS HITTING EVERY INCH OF THE EARTH HARD!!!

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