Monday, November 3, 2008


The stupid quite-new aircon in my room is not working for 2 days already!!!!!! Dont know why i can't on it and it keeps blinking on the 'Timer' bar and the mechanic is only coming tomorrow afternoon to fix it which I have to report for work at the same time.. Talking bout good timing..
AND AND AND.. I have 1 big pimple on my nose again!!! Why I always have a pimple on my nose.. So annoying...
I miss home.. I really do.. Travelling is fun but tiring as well.. I miss mum's cooking.. I miss the soup she boils.. I miss mamak session.. I miss watching movies in cinema..
p/s: Going to New Delhi, India tomorrow!! I heard Indian passengers have alot of requests and hard to please.. Hope I will not meet those..


COUSIN said...

HAHA ....
hopefully the next trip you come to visit me , and i can that opportunity to see that PIMPLES(on ur nose)

Anonymous said...

ceh ...
i thought cannot comment ..
still need approval de..
sien... ZZZzzZZ