Friday, April 2, 2010

the resurraction of blog..

Time flies and before u know it.. U have abandoned your blog (filled with spidey webs) for that long a time! Its crazy..

Its good friday today and I'm stuck in Houston, texas.. Its so laid back here, everything seems to be on a slow pace compared to to Japan, Singapore or even San Francisco. The land they have is so abundant, their roads are so wide and my hotel room is so big (yet empty). And I missed their annual Rodeo carnival just by one day! ARGH!!

Flying life has been pretty good for me. I felt blessed to be 'awarded' with reasonable rosters every month compared to most of the seniors above me that claims to always get 'shitty flights' (pardon my 'french') every time I ask 'So, how's yr roster eh?'. Many may look at my high-flying career as something really cool.. But, trust me, its not fun once u get your hand on it. Just like cheesecake! No matter how awesome sinfully rich and tasty a cheesecake is, u just can't have it everyday coz eventually u will get sick of it and will rush to the toilet to puke just by the sight of it after 3 days of cheesecakes.

Oh, dont get me wrong people (if there are still living beings reading my blog, that is).. I ain't complaining here.. the money we (cabin crew) earn is pretty good (especially if i convert back to RM.. DROOLS..) and the hotel we stay is usually 5-stars related but there's always a down side in everything we do or have.. Even LOVE. This is the moment where i'm totally homesick and lovesick and buddy-sick. The loneliness we feel sometimes facing the big hotel room generously given by our company is beyond bearable. I'm not sure about other airlines but for my company, we have this system that we will usually be rostered to fly with different people on every of our flights. Call yourself lucky if you are rostered to fly with your friend. So, look at my 'happy pictures' i posted on FB (its short for facebook, where have u been alien?)whenever i travel around the world, the 'happiness' is short lived and most times, I can't remember the names of the people on the pictures after 2-3 months if they are not under my FB so called 'friends' list.

It is always this time where insecurity will struck me....not so much of my family because I know better than anyone, my family will NEVER abandon me no matter what and we usually try our best to stay connected and close-knitted. Its always about my long distant relationship with my one and only workaholic boyfriend (BF). Ok, my malaysia-singapore (and around the world) whirlwind romance is not as bad as some malaysia-UK romance but it is bad enough for me already. So, in order to not let myself think so much, I shall go to the nearest factory outlet here later to give myself a big massive shopping therapy treat.. muahahahaha...

shall update my prized possesions if I feel like it... (and if i can get anything)

p/s: Feel good to be able 'pen' down my thoughts here again.. i hope I will be consistent...

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Here and so too happens:)