Friday, April 2, 2010

Intersting facts..

Some interesting facts of USA which i managed to compile during my stay here in Houston...

They are having the Miss Teen Houston and Miss Houston pageant at the grand ballroom of Hilton Hotel where I'm staying.. Seriously, alot of them looked like plastic!

The biggest shopping mall in Houston is called The Galleria, which happens to be walking distance from where I'm staying now.. Imagine the temptation I have to go through for 2 nights!!!

The people here are much friendlier than those from San Francisco.. Dont even talk about those in New York..

APPLE is launching the iPad tomorrow morning on 3rd april 2010 and I am not going to Q up for it.. I'm one of the rare human species that doesn't have any APPLE products till now.. Not even their mp3 players.. XP

Must go to the factory outlets in States for really good bargains on American brands.. I shop till i drop this afternoon.. although what they offered there might be from last season, but who cares?

Ok, thats all for now.. I did say SOME interesting facts.. Not MANY interesting facts... Good night for now.. time to hit the bed and fly to Moscow tomorrow afternoon.. can't wait to go back Singapore on monday!!!

p/s: Gosh, i'm so confused with the days and the dates whenever I have really long flights like this pattern... Singapore- Moscow- Houston- Moscow- Singapore

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