Saturday, October 31, 2009

100th post!!!

HAHAA.. Finally.. I hit my 100th post.. Took me soooooooooooo long.... and my sister-jessica has already hit her 300th.. Anyway.. its not really important..

I just came back from a supposedly 5-days Taipei trip with my mum (the last day is not considered coz we have to leave our hotel at 5am!!!).. It was a blast and we shopped so much till my mum has to pay for over-weight baggage surcharge to go back to malaysia from singapore..

I'm so tired physically because I havent really had a proper rest since last week.. My schedule was jam packed!!! Its insane when I look at my schedule...

My laundry is piling up.. I wish theres a maid or someone that can help me to do it instead of me, myself and I.. XP

I will be flying to Auckland, New Zealand tomorrow.. anyone wants some awesome-ly good honey? Service charge will be billed on you if u order.. Warning: the Manuka honey is not really cheap as well...

I miss my family and friends back in Malaysia so much.. sometimes i wonder what on earth i'm doing here alone in singapore.. I miss my dad's lame jokes, I miss my mum's cooking and our heart-to-heart talks, i miss jessica's horse-like laughter and Amanda's witti-ness.. I miss my best friend sau kin, and my other 2 kaki- Yong hong and Hui Fung.. I miss Church so much.. all those crazy wackos like Wuan Chin, Sherene Cheong, GG, Stephanie, Hermann and the other Counter strike kaki that will bully me endlessly when we play that game.. Yet, I still enjoyed it.. I miss Su lin, wah jiang and Robin too.. hardly get to meet my ex-college mates ever since I left Help Uni College.. And somany other important people that if i were to list all of them down, this blog will be dam long and lame.. So many people I have to meet, yet so little time.. I wish I have 48 hours a day sometimes...

Most of all.. I miss u, jeremy.. I need you..
Tomorrow will be a new month.. NOVEMBER is still a jam-packed month for me.. But thank god for a wonderful roster that I get to fly to places I haven't been and the essential rest period so that I can travel back HOME... There's no place like home.. How nice if I can work and earn Singapore currency in Malaysia.. hahahaha.. *day dreaming*
p/s: time to unpack, then pack again..

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