Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Some of my 'faithful' readers have been complaining that I'm not updating my blog frequent enough.. I'm so sorry as I'm just pure lazy..
Looking at the date on my last update, I can't believe time can fly so fast..And today is already 1st of october!! Its so scarry.. and freaky.. Some of my friends are getting married and have already married.. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hadrion loh (canna tan) and so sorry for MIA-ing on your big day.. its so hard to change flight with other stewardess as they are always asking for some kind of 'reward'.. Also, congratulations to Mr and Mrs Lawrence Kwang (Agnes yong) as well.. Sorry again, that I'll be missing out on your big day too.. Gosh, sometimes i love my job, sometimes I really hate my job.. i hate my job when i have to miss out on big events like weddings or birthdays when I"m stuck in either singapore or somewhere around the world.. But, there is something that I love about my job.. that is to travel around the world and meet up with one of my closest friend..

Grace Gan (GG) went to london 2 weeks ago to further her studies.. and i was called up last minute by my company to do a flight to london few days back.. I was so excited and all i can think about is to meet GG.. miss her loads.. I got her London number from her darling- Jeffrey and straight away sms her.. SO happen, she will be in london too on the weekends!!! (she's 1 hour away from the heart of london)

After quite a number of sms after I touch down, we finally found each other in Primark, Oxford street. Primark is very very famous in UK as it is the CHEAPEST clothing store you can find in UK. 1 normal blouse can cost around 3 pounds or slightly more only.. It is very very cheap! We were so excited to see each other there and we hugged each other immediately after we spotted each other..

Then, I brought GG to the hotel that I'm assigned by my company to stay..

This is taken at the train station.. it was really crowded..

In the train with our shopping bags.. woohoo..

When we reached my hotel room, due to extreme tired-ness and walking, GG filled the bath tub with hot water and we soaked our poor tired legs in it and had a heart-to-heart girly talk.. I really miss those crazy times we had back then when both of us are still in malaysia, together with the other crazy chicks..

The next day, we went around the heart of london for some sight see. Due to very limited budget, we decided to take the train and explore ourselves instead of paying 24 pounds for the hop-on-hop-off sight see tour bus package.. And we never regret!!! (although we walked ALOT) and all I paid was 5.60 pounds for the all day pass (can be used for all public bus and trains) and GG paid even lesser coz she has the Oyster pass (which is something like our touch and go card).
with the famous London clock tower- BIg BEN
London eye.. which we never ride coz its too expensive..
In front of Buckingham palace.. we missed the change of guards..

The whole trip was fun filled and crazy... but at the end of the day, we have to say goodbyes and go back to reality. I really admire those people that can survive in coutries like UK or USA as the things there are so much more expensive compared to Malaysia or even Singapore. There are more pictures uploaded in my facebook, if u r interested..

Me and teddy in my hotel room.. Teddy is the representative of someone.. *cheeky smile*

The week before that, i was back in malaysia for my once-in-a-month-at-least homesick therapy holiday.. It was amanda's birthday and we had our dinner in Dragon-I and then watched some very boring movie called G-force.. It was about this bunch of guinea pigs who are trained to be like real CIA agents.. quite ridiculous and predictable.. Nearly slept in the cinema but can't deny the fact that the guinea pigs are quite cute..

Dad and mum, we realised that, dad can't smile whenever we ask him to pose for cameras..

The SOO sisters.. bad photographer.. ahem.. my mum..
On the last day of my trip, I managed to meet up with my best friend who just came back from CHINA after 2 months (ya, she survived!!) and my buddies from secondary school. Hui Fung brought along her darling togehter with their new lover-some cool DSLR camera and he helped us to take some really nice pics.. Here are my favourites..
We had our lunch at Kim Gary..
and then we 'lepak' at the food court and take more pics..
can't wait for another hang out girls!

Oh, one thing i hate about my job is that, I'm going to miss mooncake festival with my family and friends.. Ok, i dont really celebrate mooncake festival, but it is always all these festivals that make me wanna go home even more.. The mooncake boxes in malaysia nowadays are getting more and more competitive! They are so gorgeous and some of the boxes are more expensive than the mooncakes itself!! Its ridiculous.. yet...
My parents bought this ..
And look at the packaging inside.. so pretty and gold..
And then, Jeremy bought this for my parents to 'bribe' them..

And look at how the box opens and the packaging inside!!!!

Thanks for the mooncakes..
Happy mooncake festival, everyone!!! I'm gonna miss home as I will be in Shitney again!!!
p/s: I seriously despise some people who doesn't know how to appreciate the things they used to have and now regreting and trying all sorts of stupid ways to get it back.. grow up, kid...

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