Friday, July 11, 2008

safe n sound

Hey guys!!! I've arrived Singapore by plane safe and sound and all in one piece 2 days back and life has been nothing but hectic and tiring.. My work permit is not out yet and therefore, theres alot of things I cannot do for the current moment.. Like finding a room, getting a broadband for my laptop and loads more.. I'm staying in a cool and chic hotel- Changi Village Hotel which is located near the airport and its all by the company's expense. Sounds really cool but thats the only thing the company paid for us.. the rest like meals of the day, cab, bus etc are all on our own expense.. Later in the day, I willl have to look for rooms to rent around here with my batch mate and hopefully we can find a decent fully furnished place with affordable price.. lol..

The rental for a room here in Singapore is insane!!! The standard market rate is like s$450-700 per tiny room.. that also depends on the area you are renting and whether it is furnished or not.. Its only my third day here and I trully miss home.. But the food here is not as bad as what you guys have told me. Up till now, the hawker food I've eaten doesn't dissapoint me and its pretty cheap if I dont bother to convert the amount back into RM.. Frankly, if you were to work here and stay here, the living standard here is slightly lower and easier to maintain compared to Malaysia.. especially with the petrol price hike and the political whirldwind in Malaysia somemore.. The locals here are very well-educated with whats happening in Malaysia.. Some even asked me on my view on what happened in the Parliament.. Its so funny..

The best part was my first day when me and my other 3 batch mates have to travel from our hotel to Orchard Road for another BODY CHECKUP!! We hired a cab and I was forced to sit in front with the cab driver.. The cab driver was really friendly and we started chatting.. I asked him alot about tiny bitsy stuff like how to get a hp prepaid number and where to get good food and stuff.. He asked me why I need a number so desperately and I told him that I need to call back home to tell my parents that I've arrived here.. Immediately, he took out his hp and asked me to use his phone to call my mum and tell her i'm safe here.. I was so touched by his kind thought and really thank God for letting me meeting such a nice uncle.. The uncle said he understands how parents feel and he will also be worried if his daughter goes overseas. He even wanna introduce his son who happens to be an officer in the army to me.. hahaha..

Anyway, in short, I MISS HOME AND ALL OF YOU!! Time is really restricted here and really apologize for not able to send a presonal email to all of you.. Give me some time to settle down here and I shall keep in touch with you all.. You may drop me an email at Take care and hope to see you guys real soon!! ADIOS!

p/s: I'm so not used to taking public tranport the whole day and wearing all formal but taking bus.. I miss my kelisa.. But, thank god the public transport system here is SUPERB!!!! Everything is connected to everything!!! That's the only thing I like about Singapore for now..

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