Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grace Youth Camp 2007

I've been MIA for some time from the reality.. and it was just awesome!!! I just came back from a youth camp that was organised by my church. I know i'm a little too old to be classified as a 'youth' but i went there as a helper, a first-aider (actually i did not do much work on first aid as i have someone to assist me as well.. haha.. i was busy giving medicines though). Moreover, i have to pay to work.. haha.. but it was all worth it. This year's camp was jus great and i just don't feel like coming back to face the reality once again..
This year's camp was held in Cameron Highlands and there are more than 300 participants including the helpers and pastors. The response was overwhelming and we felt quite bad for not being able to bring everyone that signed up to the camp site. I thank god for my friends who encouraged me to go as i wasn't in the mood to attend this camp in the beginning. Felt old and no point going to a Youth camp, i've lost the passion... But now i found it back.

The camp lasted for 4 days 3 nights and most of us had not enough sleep (as usual in all camps) as the activities are jam-packed and there are so many things to do in order for the camp to run smoothly. Managed to catch up with some old friends whom i only meet once a year (during camps) and met some new ones as well.. I was quite blur during the praise and worship sessions as some of the songs are so new, i've never heard of it before. But being the fast learner i always am, i managed to catch up la.. (haha.. self praising abit..its my blog after all)
I do not wanna list out everything we did during the camp coz it might bore you all. The best is to experience yourself! Here are some pics i managed to get from the camp for your viewing pleasure (pls pardon me for some blur pics):
all of us in the camp!!!! more than 300 people!!

My youngest sister's (amanda) group-they named their team as Christmas Skyland. So fairy like..
The banner of Christmas Skyland.. I'm just amazed at their creativity.

My 2nd sis' (jessica) group- Opados (Greek word- means disciple)The land of Furious Flames' Banner.. i love the colour!

Another banner of another team called Teh Tarik Republic. I know it looks so much like Starbucks, but i just find it really cute! The hall is just too small to fit in everyone.. and everyone has to sit on the cold floor..
Look at the crowd and u can imagine how stuffy it was to be in there although we were in Cameron!

Me and 'Perky'- Jonathan Chandra. He's one of the most talented people i've ever met! He's just so gifted in the area of Multimedia.

During Skit Competition.. all groups have to act..

The most obscene Group name and banner of all time-Kampung Bikini Donuts. I have no idea what they are thinking..

Brother bear..

Those rare time i can catch my sis to take pic with me..

While waiting for the food to be served to us..

I call them the 'Posers'

Darren and me on the last day of camp! Great to know u chef!!! You been such a great company! This is my 'helper' during the camp for first aid.. Thank you David.. You've been a tremendous help!!!!! It was just nice hanging out with you.. I know your full name!!!!

My sister's group of friends.. they called themselves-JADJADJUMS.. i think its quite cool.. and they have been quite a noisy but lovely bunch..

Due to certain technical difficulties, i am not able to put up all the pics for you to see.. Bottom line, this camp was just awesome and I was there to experience the power and love of god moving tremendously among the youths. Can't wait for next year's camp.. Good bye GY camp 07.. Hello GY camp 08!!!

Matthew 16:24 – “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.”

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