Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you happy?

Life nowadays are so stressful and busy that most of us kindda forgotten how to be happy? Most of the time we are complaining that we are stressed up, tired, busy and bla bla bla.. How many of us actually sat down and ponder on what we actually have in our lives that we should thank God or at least thank our parents for?

I do complain about my life being hectic and stressful sometimes (ok ok, most of the time) and that there are times where I just ignore all the blessings I had in my life. I find it hard to be happy and be contended with what i have. I really have to repent and really think positive before God decides to take away all the blessings he had and will have for me. I never had enough money, but (repented) at least I have a comfortable single bed to sleep on, food to eat whenever I'm hungry, and a nice small cosy car to travel on when I have the urge to get out from the house. I never had enough time, but (repented) at least I have time to work, play and sleep for a day. I believe 24Hours is specially created for humans as it is not too long nor too short to go through. Even if we have 36Hours or 48hours, i think i will be sleeping through most of it and complaining why the time passes sooooooo slow.. Hahaha..

I used to always complain that my parents are too demanding and too naggy, but (repented long time ago) at least i still have them around to help me during my time of need, advice me about relationship problems, love me and shower me with yummy home-cooked dishes when i'm all tired after a days work. I used to hate my sisters for snatching away all the attentions that were used to be given to me from my relatives and grandparents (not forgetting my parents), but (repented) at least I'm not the one and only bored child in the family and they did spice up my life alot!!! They brought laughter (and tears as well) to me and i just can't imagine life without my two sisters. They can be a thorn in the a** sometimes but I just can't ignore and not love them.

There are many things in life we have took granted for.. I have repented and trying to appreciate all I have, have you? Take some time off to tell your parents how much you love them and appreciate them before it is too late.. if you are always stressed up, take some days off and go for a short holiday. Malaysia has so much to offer in terms of affordable vacation spots, take advantage of it. If you feel that you are not appreciated, take some time off to ask around whether you have done anything wrong and fix it! By sitting down there and complaining will not solve the problem. By starting off with small steps, you will find yourself happier and more contended with your life. Life is not that miserable after all.. if others can be happy, why not you? Tell me about your experience ya.. all the best in your path to repentance! *signing off*

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