Friday, August 3, 2007

Blogging trend follower

In order to follow the hip-happening trend of blogging, i've finally decided to start my own blog. Ya, i know its quite a lame excuse to start your own blog but who cares, all i want is just to voice out MY opinions in MY BLOG!!! Its free wat..I got nothing to lose. I can just update my blog when I feel like it, talk whatever crap i want and log off.

One of my biggest inspiration would be my sis who is an active blogger (as far as i'm concern). She seems to find joy in blogging and when my house's modem is not working, all she cares about is 'I can't update my blog!!' and her reaction is like the world is going to end. Maybe, like her, i can find my joy in blogging and share my opinions with my fellow friends, readers (cheh wa.. I sound like 1 professional writer), family and whoever that is reading this right now.

Since this is my first entry, I'm very determined to write a long one which I know I am very capable of (girls can really talk!) but most of the time, I'm just pure lazy.. Living in this world for almost 22 years, the problem that I always hear from other people or I myself faced is 'no money la..' 'money not enough man!' 'Why bonus so low 1?'.. It is the problem everyone faces in the world.. MONEY always not ENOUGH!

So, I have decided to come out with the Top 5 Part time jobs you can consider to earn extra income for your pleasure reading (i'm too lazy to list 10). I will also include the pros and cons of each job for your reference (see, i'm a nice and thoughtful person after all). Mind you, this is just my personal idea and I will not bare any consequences should you want to follow and encouter funny/serious problems. (you can always come out with your own list)

Let me start from the bottom:

5. Part time tuition teacher
- Our dearest Malaysian government is only going to catch those full time teachers that are caught giving tuition outside the school premises. So, if you are just a normal college student or working full time in the dog-eat-dog world, you are eligible to give tuition to anyone you want (make sure their parents can pay you la!).
Pros- Its quite an easy cash job if you are really good in subjects that you are teaching. Words spread easily (and super fast) in Malaysia, and before you know it, you are the hip Chemistry tuition teacher that all the aunties would want you to teach their very naughty children. Parents nowadays are so busy to even send their kids to tuition centres which is situated 0.5km away from their house and it is TOO DANGEROUS to let thier beutiful children to walk (or cycle) to tuition centres alone (u know la.. the crime rate is increasing..). If you provide home tuition, you can really chop the parents with high price and don't be surprise if they are willing to pay. The kiasu attitude of most parents who never want their kids to book the last place in the class will help those tuition teachers to have more businesses.
Cons- You might get heart-attack faster than most of your friends your age if you get those monkeys under you. Parents will really 'screw' you if their kids are not doing well at school.

4. Part time baristas/ Promoters
- Starbucks is always considered as the 'IN' place to hangout for most youngsters nowadays (i sound like a 80 years old lady). Why not work in an 'IN' place and earn cash? There are getting more and more part time promoters jobs during the weekends in most major supermarkets which only require your stamina to stand and ability to talk to the fussy consumers. EASY PITSY!
Pros- Baristas can really wash their eyes when those 'chun chicks' or hot hunks visit the cafe and the percentage of getting to know these happening people is very HIGH! You get free coffee every month and get to wear the STARBUCKS t-shirt with pride! People will be like 'wa... you work for Starbucks ah'... Well, if you work as promoters during weekends only, your pay is much higher compared to those working during the weekdays. All you need is to stand at your booth there and smile to anyone who walks pass. You can 'snake' to the chic boutiques or video arcades when your supervisors are not around. You get free stuff and samples!! You get to walk inside the cold room of the supermarkets if you are promotting yogurts/ice creams (how cool is that.. ok, maybe its not that cool..)
Cons- Like most happening places, Starbucks require their staffs to work until the wee hours in the morning. You might have less sleep and it will affect your performances at school or work. If i'm not mistaken, the pay for part-timers and full-timers differ. So technically, part-timers are getting less per hour compared to the full-timers lo. Promoters, when all your friends are relaxing during the weekends after the long week of hard work and sweat, you have to stand in supermarkets like dungus and push sales. You might not have time to breathe or wee wee if the supermarket you are working in is always pack with all those 'kiam-siap' consumers that love to try ONLY!

3. DIRECT-selling
- If you plan to penetrate to this line, congrates to you because you have so many different lines to choose from! We have Cosway, Avon, AmWay, Lamp Berger, Total Life.. the list goes on.. there's always something for you to sell and most of these comapanies 'promise' good rewards.. (i don't know how true is that la)

Pros- If you are 1 active member, you get to attend cool events and meet cool people that are in the same line. You can earn more than what your full-time job can provide for the first few months (maybe). You do not need to wake up at 6am in the morning just to beat the rush hour jams. You can work anytime according to your schedule. You are your own boss dear..
Cons- All your friends and relatives will be terrified with you because you are too eager to share your joy with them. They will start to avoid your calls, cancell your afternoon tea last minutes and you are defitinely not their top 10 favourite persons. What if you join this direct-selling thing and can't get members, you got no money lo! You really need to be thick-face and HARDWORKING in order to succeed in this line..

2. Do ODD jobs that no people wanna do..
- Odd jobs are like wall paintings, fence repair, dog walker, maid, and etc etc. I saw in 'Ripley's believe it or not' where theres this female who paints the wall for people and gets paid extra Usd 30 (or more) per hour compared to most painters you can get in town! Why people wanna hire her and willing to pay that much? Simple, she paints the wall wearing only the BIKINI! (i don't think you can do this in Malaysia though)
Pros- You get to visit people's house and steal thier interior ideas for your future home. You will be paid few hundreds for a less than 1 hour job (maybe la..depending on how pro are you). If you work as maids, you get free food from the owners.. haha.. (but pls, if you don't even know how to tidy your bed, skip this maid job as your options)
Cons- The sun in our country is not that safe (we are situated so near to the KHATULISTIWA line) and skin cancer will haunt you if you don't put sunblocks in a long-term. You might get injured while repairing fence and bitten by dogs. Quite a risky job.. Maids, you will get alot of scoldings for the clothes that are not clean enough, toilet that is still sticky or even the maggi mee that you cook for the kids are not nutritional enough..

1. Marry a rich man or a rich woman

- The tittle says it all.. all the best in searching for your prince/princess charming and be a good part-time husband/wife k..

Pros- Why must be a rich man/woman? They will have maids to do all the cleanings and you just need to relax.. You get loads of money for just staying at home and entertain your tired husband/wife who just finishes his/her work. Can go shopping anytime you want! Stay in big houses which the toilets are bigger than your previous house and bla bla bla..

Cons- Who cares about the cons when you are married.. there's no turning back babe!! haha..

Well, this entry is created for the fun of it, pls do not take it too seriously. Of course, money is not suppose to be the major concern for us young people and even the older ones. There are alot more in life that we should care about like our family, friends, religion, darling/honey and loads more. Pls do not work your a** out just to earn more money. After all, you can't bring those 'papers' with you when you die.. *sign out*


Anonymous said...

This is my mammy..her blog comment coz i'm no blogger..lolz.. XP

MJ Maju said...

All of the above aren't so bad except the last in the list, which is about getting married. Life is short. Learn to depend on your own and be able to support others. The hand that is giving has more pleasure than the hand that is receiving.

Why wanna be rich? So can buy new stuff, branded stuff, afford things, afford overseas holidays, etc?? All to be someone whom we aren't? Why not try to be rich so we can support others, help others... charity and job opportunities? We all know money can't buy real happiness, and without money we think we cannot be really happy. What is true or not true it all depends on how you look at it.

Michael Dell can always complaint, why I am not as rich as Warren Buffett. And Warren B. can complaint why he ain't as rich as Bill Gates. When will this end? And if we look at both Warren and Bill, they are giving out their money to charity, a big chunk of it.

Although we are not at the end of lives yet, but this is exactly the point. Give NOW, and not give only when you are about to die, or regret that you didn't give as much as you should / could have, when you are lying helpless on the hospital bed.

If you have chosen to be a tuition teacher to earn money, then make sure you teach the kids with your heart. Make them be nice and polite if they are naughty.

If you have chosen direct selling, then make sure you really know this is a good company, with good quality products, and price is fair.

If you have chosen xxxxx.... then make sure you are doing all that you can within your responsibility, to give, to improve any situation that you have chosen to be in. Give your best!!

We buy new stuff, give to charity, do things to please ourselves and others… all for the sake of making us feel secure, confident, and believe that we are a good human being, a responsible person. Why not just do exactly the stuff that matters, instead of using an action (eg. Part time job) to exchange for money, and then use money to exchange for good merits. Too many levels of trading cuts thin on margin lar. So in the end we are always at the loosing end.

Think of what you can give first, before you think of what you can earn.

Anonymous said...

wu liao~

Anonymous said...

how can u not approve my comment?! bleah..dowan read d.. -.=

Carolina Hartz said...

Wahh...well all i can agreeof partime job is being a barista with starbucks..always a good experience ;)

Pamela said...

People, this is just my blog.. don't be too serious about it k.. thanks for your comments but like i said in the blog again, i created for the fun of it..

~jessica~ said...

put a chatbox!!! so that we can spam!!! lol

Fang Chin said...

I was here. =)

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